Golden Gospel Pearls

Golden Gospel Pearls

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Donna Brown and her Golden Gospel Pearls first appeared in Germany in 1992. It was immediately clear to music insiders this was a big step in bringing the Harlem Gospel scene to Germany. The Golden Gospel Pearls were seen as the singers who would be able to introduce a wider audience to this unique, spiritual Afro-American music.

The forerunners of Black Gospel music in Germany.

For 20 years, Donna and her singers have formed a reputation as the professional representation of Gospel in Germany. Having toured Germany and Europe in more then 2000 concerts, the Golden Gospel Pearls will be touring Germany from August to December 2012.

The Golden Gospel Pearls on Tour

With more then 600.000 Fans of her choir in Berlin alone and more than 2 Million more in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Rumania, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Spain, Donna Yvette Brown together with her 6 gospel choirs and the accompanying band are looking forward to a successful tour that will lead them to the southern parts of Germany and some selected European cities.

The Golden Gospel Pearls are anticipating those concerts in Munich, Rosenheim, Kempten, Ravensburg and surrounding areas. For Donna and her fabulous choir, it was a tour to commemorate 20 successful years.

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